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Command Suggestions

Minecraft has a powerful command suggestion system that's used in many places, such as the /give command. This system allows you to suggest values for command arguments to the user, which they can then select from - it's a great way to make your commands more user-friendly and ergonomic.

Suggestion Providers

A SuggestionProvider is used to make a list of suggestions that will be sent to the client. A suggestion provider is a functional interface that takes a CommandContext and a SuggestionBuilder and returns some Suggestions. The SuggestionProvider returns a CompletableFuture as the suggestions may not be available immediately.

Using Suggestion Providers

To use a suggestion provider, you need to call the suggests method on the argument builder. This method takes a SuggestionProvider and returns the modified argument builder with the suggestion provider attached.

CommandRegistrationCallback.EVENT.register((dispatcher, registryAccess, environment) -> {
			CommandManager.argument("entity", EntityArgumentType.entity())
					.executes(context -> {
						EntityType<?> entityType = EntityArgumentType.getEntity(context, "entity").getType();
								() -> Text.literal("Called /subtater2 with entity: ")
						return 1;

Built-in Suggestion Providers

There are a few built-in suggestion providers that you can use:

Suggestion ProviderDescription
SuggestionProviders.SUMMONABLE_ENTITIESSuggests all entities that can be summoned.
SuggestionProviders.AVAILABLE_SOUNDSSuggests all sounds that can be played.
LootCommand.SUGGESTION_PROVIDERSuggests all loot tables that are available.
SuggestionProviders.ALL_BIOMESSuggests all biomes that are available.

Creating a Custom Suggestion Provider

If a built-in provider doesn't satisfy your needs, you can create your own suggestion provider. To do this, you need to create a class that implements the SuggestionProvider interface and override the getSuggestions method.

For this example, we'll make a suggestion provider that suggests all the player usernames on the server.

public class PlayerSuggestionProvider implements SuggestionProvider<ServerCommandSource> {
	public CompletableFuture<Suggestions> getSuggestions(CommandContext<ServerCommandSource> context, SuggestionsBuilder builder) throws CommandSyntaxException {
		ServerCommandSource source = context.getSource();

		// Thankfully, the ServerCommandSource has a method to get a list of player names.
		Collection<String> playerNames = source.getPlayerNames();

		// Add all player names to the builder.
		for (String playerName : playerNames) {

		// Lock the suggestions after we've modified them.
		return builder.buildFuture();

To use this suggestion provider, you would simply pass an instance of it into the .suggests method on the argument builder.

Obviously, suggestion providers can be more complex, since they can also read the command context to provide suggestions based on the command's state - such as the arguments that have already been provided.

This could be in the form of reading the player's inventory and suggesting items, or entities that are nearby the player.